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News from Jefferson State Store 12-18-14

December 2014

Dear State of Jefferson supporter,

Where has the time gone? The movement has been active for almost 1 ½ years, and Jefferson State Store is celebrating our one year anniversary. Our commitment to the State of Jefferson movement is as strong as ever!

We have seen 6 counties pass Declarations, of which 2 have been filed with the Secretary of State. Four more Declarations will be delivered to Sacramento on January 15 with a rally on the steps of the Capitol!

There are active committees in twenty N. California counties, and the southern Oregon counties are organizing to withdraw from Oregon. History is being made and you’re a part of it!

On the home front, in the past year we’ve been to numerous counties, exhibiting at county fairs, car shows, gun shows, and many other public events. The counties we have visited include Curry and Josephine in Oregon; Shasta, Tehama, Mendocino, Plumas, Placer, Nevada, Colusa, Lake, Yuba, Sutter, Sacramento, and of course Butte, where we are based. We have raised funds to advertise, print literature, create banners & signs, etc.

Yet there is much yet to do!

Our plans for 2015 include visiting each and every county in the State of Jefferson to assist county declaration committees in their efforts to educate the public. Car shows, brew fests, music festivals, county fairs, gun shows, etc.

Currently scheduled:

Jan 3-4 Anderson/Redding Gun show.

Jan 8-11 International Sportsman’s Expo at Cal Expo Sacramento. Over 30,000 people attend this event! Representatives from most counties will be on hand to answer questions.

Jan 15 DECLARATION DAY in Sacramento, we will be delivering 4 county Declarations to the state Capitol!

Jan 17-18 Colusa Gun show.

Feb 14-15 Loleta/Eureka Gun show.

Feb 21-22 Chico Gun show – Silver Dollar Fairgrounds.

Feb 28-March 1 Grants Pass OR Gun show (tentative).

March 7-8 Redding Gun show (tentative).

March 21-22 Ukiah – Redwood Empire Fairgrounds: SoJ Town Hall, we’ll be next door at the Gun show.

Many other events in the works. I will send a monthly email to keep you in the loop!

On the home front we have expanded our eBay store to include even more items. If you’d rather not use eBay simply email or call me, we’ll get an order out to you. We are working on a website, our goal is to have it done early 2015.

Christmas orders: It’s not too late to order! We are shipping every day!
Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas!

Hildy Langewis

Who Needs Terrorists? We Have Government

Who Need Terrorists? We Have Government

California Political

If a terrorist wanted to create chaos, gridlock, panic and fear, he does not need a bomb or the threat of a bomb—just needs to control traffic. In Los Angeles and many other places a private firm WAZE has created an application for the Smartphone, to give drivers side streets to use when the freeways and main streets are crowded. It works so well, now the streets in Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley portion of Los Angels are so crowded it is difficult to drive through.

All that is left is for a North Korean hacker to stop for a few minutes from stealing the secret of the racism of SONY and hack into the traffic lights in LA. It would take a few minutes to do—and days to sort out the traffic jam. We live in a world where North Korea could shut down a movie studio (it has) or close down a city (it could). Glad we have leadership in the White House protecting us. (LOL)

Worse, government by having policies for making it difficult for cars to get through traffic, pushing people on expensive and inefficient transportation—that will run only when the union bosses allow them to run, makes sure every day is a bad day to get to work, play or the hospital. We do not need a terrorist or North Korea to kill off our transportation—we have Garcetti, Boxer, Brown and their friends doing a great job of it.

traffic jam car

Traffic app has Los Angeles residents up in arms

California County News, 12/15/14

When residents in a quiet Sherman Oaks neighborhood found their streets covered with bumper-to-bumper traffic, many residents were confused. When they found out the traffic was being rerouted there through a smartphone app, they got angry.

A traffic app called Waze has been growing in popularity, rerouting traffic through LA’s notoriously awful freeway jams. Now, residents say they’re angry and ready to fight back.

“The traffic is unbearable now. You can’t even walk your dog,” resident Paula Hamilton, told the Fox News.

“There are some things that can be done to mitigate the situation, said Los Angeles Department of Transportation spokesman Bruce Gillman, like placing speed bumps and four-way stop signs on streets. Lanes could even be taken out to discourage shortcut seekers, but a neighborhood traffic study would have to be done first.

“Los Angeles County has 7.6 million registered vehicles, more than some states. The Interstate 405 Freeway that parallels the unhappy neighborhoods carries 379,000 cars a day.

“So while a shortcut down a sleepy street might not be a problem in a place like Des Moines or even Detroit, it’s a different story in a city that last year was again ranked No. 1 for the nation’s most time-consuming traffic jams.”

The “living Wage” will not help California

The “Living Wage” will not help California

California Political

Lets get real. The only way a person can move themselves out of poverty is by hard work, self-reliance, experience, education and learning new skills. If you want to have a career as a cashier in a fast food joint—that is what you could have—including the low pay, bad hours and few or any benefits, that could be yours. The choice is yours, not your neighbors, friends or relatives. You choose how you want to live. Government spent trillions on the War on Poverty, and just made more poverty stricken people.

Government education is geared to the lowest common denominator—that is the purpose of Common Core, to solidify that as the standard of education—which is why California and other States will not have standardized test next year based on Common Core—it would be embarrassing.

“This awareness is in direct contrast to many California newspaper reports that a recent study by UC Berkeley “counters the expected “job-killer arguments” with an analysis of past wage boosts showing that costs are absorbed through reduced worker turnover and improved worker performance.”

However, methodological errors have been found in that study such as: “data often fail to justify DLR’s exclusion of alternate non-border counties (or regions) as controls”,  the “findings are quite sensitive to the number of leads and lags of the minimum wage included in their empirical model” and the “selection of matching counties often produces matched pairs that are quite dissimilar across an important set of observables. “

It should also be noted that another study by UC Irvine concluded the opposite of the UC Berkeley study, showing “a hike in the minimum wage did hurt the job chances of low-wage workers.”

The “Living Wage” will not help California

by Californiality Staff on December 11, 2014

Original reporting by Anthony Marcolongo

In 1968, American economist Milton Friedman discussed the idea of a negative income tax, where those earning below a certain predetermined threshold would receive supplementary income instead of paying taxes. Friedman suggested his plan could eliminate the 72 percent of the welfare budget spent on administration. But nothing ever came to fruition.

Now here we are in year 2015 and still poverty plagues our state. What are the answers to eliminating impoverishment? Although California already signed into law an increase in the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10 an hour, making it the “nation’s highest” minimum wage, …the best idea that California legislators can come up with seems to be to simply increase the minimum wage even higher – beyond the highest in the nation. As one supporter of this new plan put it…“Continuing to boost the wage floor for California’s workers should be a key component of our economic recovery plan”.

Silly Government: Rain Barrels Instead of Dams

California Political Review

December 14, 2014 By Stephen Frank

Last summer over 300,000 acres of prime California farm land was forced to lay fallow due to misguided environmental and public policy. Fish, not people got the water needed. Each day millions of acres feet of water flows into the ocean instead of being captured and used by people and businesses.

How does government answer this problem? Rain barrels. No that is not a joke—expect those that created this policy are just plain silly. So you live in an apartment or condo—you can’t help. On a farm how many rain barrels will you need to irrigate your land? If they want, will the State take control of the water in your rain barrel, like it is taking control of the groundwater under your property? Government needs to get serious and build dams, stop the flow of water to the ocean and prioritize people over fish.

How many barrels on your property will this take—and can you demand the rain fall into the barrels only? “As the owner of The Urban Farmer Store, workshop leader Tom Bressan shared his expertise on the variety of rain barrel applications and their benefits. The average Peninsula home will receive about 40,000 gallons of rain during a typical winter, Bressan said, and about 60 percent of that could potentially be harvested using rain-collection barrels.

Peninsula residents encouraged to install rain barrels for water-conservation measures

By Brendan P. Bartholomew, SF Examiner, 12/14/14

As the Bay Area just experienced one of its largest rainstorms in recent years, this is the perfect time for Peninsula homeowners to install rain-collection barrels to help conserve water and prevent runoff from carrying litter and pollution out to sea.

That’s the word from the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program, which is offering free workshops to teach residents about the benefits, hardware options, regulations and rebates associated with installing rain barrels. The recent rainstorms come as California is in the midst of its worst drought in recorded history.

Belmont resident Sakuntala Yegnashankaran, who attended one of the recent workshops, said she’s mindful about conserving water because her hometown in India always had chronic water shortages, and she moved to the Bay Area in 1975, at the beginning of the state’s 1976-77 drought. Installing a rain barrel at her home would supplement her already-diligent water conservation practices, which include keeping a drought-resistant lawn and washing her car as seldom as possible, Yegnashankaran noted.

As the owner of The Urban Farmer Store, workshop leader Tom Bressan shared his expertise on the variety of rain barrel applications and their benefits. The average Peninsula home will receive about 40,000 gallons of rain during a typical winter, Bressan said, and about 60 percent of that could potentially be harvested using rain-collection barrels.

Some residents may choose to take repurposed containers designed for other uses and convert them to rain barrels, but Bressan recommended that only tanks approved for potable water storage should be used. He added that the barrels are typically dark in color because lighter-colored plastic allows sunlight to penetrate, which promotes algae growth.

The potable water requirement is placed on the containers in case they’re used to irrigate edible vegetable gardens, Bressan explained. However, he noted that water collected from roofs with materials such as asphalt shingles is not safe for use on edible gardens.

More at above link

Tehama County: Sign up for RALLY bus to Sacramento 1-15-15

January 15th, 2015 will be a historic day.

We will be submitting declarations from 4 counties (Glenn, Yuba, Tehama, and Sutter) and also a petition for equal representation and “redress of grievances” to the California Secretary of State, Assembly and Senate.

There will be a rally from 11 to 2 on the West Steps of the Capital.

We’re thinking about chartering a Mt. Lassen Transit bus. It would leave Red Bluff around 8 a.m. and make a stop at the T/A in Corning to pick up passengers there.

Then on to Sacramento, arriving there by 10:30 a.m.

The cost to passengers would be $25.00, the bus holds 47 passengers.

Please RSVP within the next few days.

Money to secure your seat needs to be turned in by the end of December. It would be awesome if we had to charter 2 or 3 buses!

To sign up, please call Patty Smith – phone number is below!

Patty Smith
SOJ Tehama Committee
Corning Patriots
Paskenta, Ca. 96074
530 833-0265

UC Tuition Goes Up—to Help Finance Legal Support for Illegal Aliens

California Political Review

This is something you did not see in the headlines, on the local news or as part of the report on the increased UC tuition. We know that most of that money is going toward the unsustainable UC pension system, to keep the checks to retirees flowing. Now we find out the resources of students, professors, classrooms, libraries and other government assets, meant for the education of our students is instead being used to provide legal assistance to illegal aliens—to keep them in this country, get loans, welfare and scholarships.

You thought the UC system was teaching honesty—instead it is a sleazy corrupt operation providing law violators assistance so they can continue to violate our laws.

“The Undocumented Student Legal Services Center—a pilot project announced on Nov. 21 by University of California President Janet Napolitano—is the first legal assistance program designed to aid students across a university system rather than on a single campus, said dean Kevin Johnson. If the pilot is successful, administrators hope the program can be replicated by other university systems.

“We’re trying to figure out how best to address the needs of undocumented students at these other campuses,” Johnson said. “One of the things these students fear is getting a traffic ticket and ending up in removal proceedings. It’s a difficult existence and we want to do what we can to make things a little easier for them.”

Napolitano is the former Homeland Security Secretary that opened the borders, took guards from the borders and created the climate for the newest surge of criminals from foreign nations.

READ article:

Water Bond to Waste Millions Paying Off Unions for Support

Did you think that the water bonds were to provide a source of water for the people of California? If so, I understand San Fran is selling the Golden Gate Bridge, bidding starts at a dollar. Seriously, billions of that money is going to “wetlands”—a government phrase for the theft of private land. More billions are going to clean up groundwater, now controlled by the State, not the owners.

All of this takes workers. If you do not pay a bribe to a union—like 95% of the workers in the private sector, you must pay your taxes, but are disqualified from working on these projects. If you pay a bribe to a union–regardless of how incompetent you are—you got the job.

“At the demand of California Assemblymember Luis Alejo, the Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 and the Water Board voted 6-1 to direct staff to negotiate a Project Labor Agreement with the Monterey/Santa Cruz Building and Construction Trades Council for the Interlake Tunnel Project. All construction companies will be required to sign this union agreement as a condition of working on the project.”

The water bond was for the benefit of the special interests and the unions—honest Californians get to pay for the bribes and payoffs.

READ article:

Rep. LaMalfa Votes to Provide California Short-Term, Immediate Drought Relief

Washington, DC – Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted in favor of legislation aimed at providing immediate, emergency relief from California’s historic water crisis. H.R. 5781, the California Emergency Drought Relief Act, which would sunset in eighteen months, includes two critical components: flexibility to store additional water when winter storms cause high river flows and protections for the North State’s senior and area of origin water rights.

“The state of California is going through the worst drought in over a century, creating devastating conditions for our farms, families and ranches. The measure we passed today represents a bipartisan, noncontroversial fix that simply gives federal water managers the flexibility they need to conserve excess water during the wettest months,” said LaMalfa. “It’s simply reckless that we continue to watch ill-conceived federal policies allow billions of gallons of water to be diverted away from our communities to just flow out to sea. It’s time to bring an end to the delays and inaction coming from Washington and start moving forward towards a long-term solution that adequately addresses our state’s water needs. I urge the Senate to act quickly to advance this critical measure and help prevent yet another year of damaging drought conditions for California.”

The California Emergency Drought Relief Act would:
• Increase water supplies to Northern Californians who have seen their water allocations reduced to 50%, or even 0%. Under this bill, Northern Californians would receive a minimum of 75% of their water right in drought years.
• Ensure more flood flows are held at North State reservoirs rather than being diverted to the sea, resulting in more water stored during winter months.
• Enhances North State water rights and creates additional area of origin protections.
• Promotes federal water storage projects in the state by expediting the completion of needed reviews to approve water transfer requests associated with voluntary fallowing of non-permanent crops.
• Holds federal agencies accountable by utilizing a streamlined process to ensure regulatory decisions related to projects that provide additional water resources are made it a timely process.

H.R. 5781 passed out of the House of Representatives on a 230-182 vote and will be sent to the Senate.

Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District including, Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.