California Rural counties for equal representation

Jefferson - California Rural counties for equal representation

High-speed rail takes two more swipes at CEQA –wants to violate laws

High-speed rail takes two more swipes at CEQA –wants to violate laws

By Stephen Frank

California Political Review

on Nov 19, 2014   08:07 pm

If you violate the environmental rules you would be shut down, fined and possibly jailed. Environmental regulations are made for unions to use to extort money from firms—remember the rail car maker in the Antelope Valley forced to move to another State due to union blackmail. Now we have the choo choo train folks, that …

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Why are U.S. lawmakers making California water deals in secret? From: Staff, Los Angeles Times

Sent by California Farm Water Coalition

EDITORIAL: Why are U.S. lawmakers making California water deals in secret?
From: Staff, Los Angeles Times

California made extraordinary progress on water policy in this severe drought year, largely under the guiding hand of Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor’s master stroke was to initiate the conversation and then back away, allowing various interests – agribusiness, urban areas, environmentalists, people who favored building tunnels to move water from north to south, people who vigorously opposed them – to fight it out.

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Tehama County: Successful Sporting Clay Shoot

Are you curious about how the clay shoot went on Saturday?

Sunrise on Saturday started off cold and brisk, but as the sun emerged from its sleep, it warmed the air and jackets began to fade away. Skies were blue and breezes were lightly strolling through fields of grass. Spirits were high for the 48 men, women and youths who came from all over northern California to be a part of the first Sporting Clays Shoot for the State of Jefferson, at Clear Creek Sports Club, in Corning.

Participants came from Shasta, Yuba, Butte, Plumas, Tehama Counties and I think I heard someone say they were from Placer County. Entrants were happy to see old friends again, and meet new ones. It was great to see so many people of like mind getting along so well. Of course, everyone also had a shotgun, so they better be nice to each other.

Sporting clays that resembled yellow-orange California poppies were being blasted into tens of thousands of pieces by Jefferson state shooters. Ah, such incredible symbolism!

Karen Knorr put together a very successful event, and will have a full report at the next meeting, on December 5. Please join us for the exciting news on what will likely become an annual event for the State of Jefferson. Big plans are in the making, already.

Check out the photos on facebook:

Tehama for the State of Jefferson

Siskiyou County: Turkey Shoot 11-23-14

Old Time Turkey Shoot is Nov. 23

Klamath River – The Klamath River Community is holding its annual Old Time Turkey Shoot this Sunday, November 23rd at the Klamath River Community Hall at 19716 Hwy 96.

The Shoot starts at 9 a.m.

Bring all your guns to compete in a variety of categories.

Categories include Black Powder, Benchrest, Freestyle, Standing at 50 and 100 yards, Offhand, Running Deer, Rim Fire and Special Youth Shoots for 16 and under.
Prizes include turkeys, hams, bacon, cheeses and salmon.

Breakfast is from 8 to 10:30 a.m. and lunch starts at 11 a.m. The public is welcome.

For more information, call JoAnne Benson at 465-2029.

Tehama Co: Sporting Clay Tournament is 11-15-14


Sporting Clay Tournament is Nov. 15, 2014

Tehama County will be hosting a Sporting Clay Tournament as a fundraising event for the State of Jefferson on November 15th at the Rolling Hills Casino. Each county is invited to send their delegates to shoot for a great cause.
Lunch and awards ceremony will take place after the shooting and non-shooters are welcome. Please find attached the information flyer and registration forms, due back by October 30th.
All proceeds will go to the State of Jefferson, earmarked for education and advertising.
See you there!
Fundraiser for State of Jefferson
1st Annual State of Jefferson Sporting Clay Tournament
Sponsored by Tehama County for State of Jefferson
Sat. Nov. 15, 2014
8 a.m. is sign up
9 a.m. starts
1 p.m. lunch and awards
Clear Creek Sports Club
Rolling Hills Casino
I-5 and Liberal Ave.
Corning, CA.
$100 per shooter, includes sporting clays and tri-tip lunch at Rolling Hills Casino
$20 for non-shooter and lunch
Represent your county!!!!!
RSVP and deposit deadline is Oct. 30th
Call Karin Knorr at 530-824-4035

There may still be openings available !!!