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Jefferson - California Rural counties for equal representation

Important Time for Jefferson Supporters

Important Time for Jefferson Supporters

By Alayna Shulman

REDDING, California – A proponent of Jefferson – the proposed new state for rural California counties who feel they’re politically underrepresented — warned a packed audience at a Redding town-hall meeting on the issue Sunday that the movement can’t just happen whenever.
With looming California projects that could negatively impact an already hurting North State economy, Siskiyou County resident Mark Baird – the event’s keynote speaker – cautioned the Redding audience that the state of Jefferson needs to be formed before it’s too late for it to feasibly get off the ground.
“We have a narrow window of opportunity,” Baird told the crowd at the Senior Citizens Hall on Benton Drive.
Baird’s statement came during the question-and-answer session after his talk on the Jefferson movement. A man asked him how Jefferson would be affected by California projects such as the bullet-train, to which Baird said “that’s why we need to do that now.”
He cautioned that waiting 20 years or so to try again could mean those projects have already wrought havoc on the North State’s economy. Being complacent in the past is what led to the current lack of representation in the North State, Baird said.
“We got here by not paying attention; this is our own fault,” he said at the beginning of his presentation.
The meeting lasted about two hours and consisted mostly of information from Baird on how to move forward with Jefferson and what certain aspects of the proposed state would look like. He also asked people to do their part by gathering signatures to push the movement forward.
A handful of North State counties’ boards of supervisors have already signed declarations in support of Jefferson, but supervisors in some – including home-court Shasta – rejected the idea.
People holding signs directing drivers to the meeting stood on the sidewalk as drivers rerouted from the jammed parking lot and headed to Caldwell Park, which doubled as an overflow area. Green and yellow Jefferson flags dotted the parking lot, and the symbol popped up on plenty of cars parked there as well.
Inside, while there were many people wearing the signature green T-shirt with the yellow Jefferson double-X logo – representing the “double-crossing” proponents say California has done to its rural counties – a few people lined up at the end of the meeting to ask Baird some more critical questions.
One woman asked how the movement could claim to be about transparency if financial documents on its website are only available with a password, to which Baird said that shouldn’t be the case.
Another person contested Baird’s claim that the proposed state would have more than a million people, saying it would really be more like 400,000. Baird pointed out that the million-plus figure includes all 20 counties the Jeffersonians want to have on board, while the 400,000 figure only included the populations of the states that have already signed declarations in support of the movement.
That man made a few more points questioning the viability of Jefferson, to which some audience members shouted from their seats. Baird politely asked them to let him speak, since everyone has a right to, then said he disagreed with the man’s point of view, “but I defend to the death your right to say it.”
That comment got the formerly irked audience happy again, with lots of cheers and claps to Baird’s pro-First Amendment statement.
Another person – an apparent supporter, clad in a Jefferson T-shirt – asked Baird to explain the financial-viability piece of the Jefferson pie in laymen’s terms so that she could do the same for the people she said frequently ask her about the issue.
Terry Rapoza, a familiar face at local Tea Party meetings and a Jefferson supporter, emceed the event, with plenty of doses of Conservative-American humor.
When asking the audience what counties they represented, Rapoza said he liked Tehama County because “they shoot first and ask questions later.”
Despite such comments and many mentions of “we the people” – the Preamble-derived phrase commonly used at Tea Party functions – Baird stressed multiple times that Jefferson is not “agenda-driven,” and is simply about better representation for the smaller counties, red and blue.
Baird said centering the movement on ideology – not a simple desire for representation—will actually make it fail.
Rapoza also mentioned the event’s media area, but only acknowledged that the Shasta Lantern – the Jefferson movement’s official publication, which openly condemns the Record Searchlight – was there. Taking a covert jab at mainstream local media outlets – at least three of which were present — Rapoza said The Lantern and another independent publication “actually print the truth.”
The event opened with an original song – the apparently Billy Joel-inspired “Jefferson State of Mind” — from a local man who accompanied himself on the guitar.
“Have you seen the bills that we have to pay? It’s not our bill/We had no say/You don’t serve us/You serve LA…You don’t know us/You have no clue/And still you tell us what to do/We don’t know you, what you face/It’s time to start a brand new state,” the man sang to a moody, mid-tempo acoustic beat.
Baird acknowledged that Jefferson may not come to fruition, but one thing has already happened no matter what, he said: People are voicing their desire for more representation.

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Appeal-Democrat published odd hit-piece article on State of Jefferson: Mark Baird’s response

Appeal-Democrat published odd hit-piece article on State of Jefferson: Mark Baird’s response

Comment: Andrew Creasey with the Appeal-Democrat wrote an odd article, which seems to diminish the need to Declare a split from the State of California. Why would anyone start getting cold feet for this project? Mark Baird, spokesman for the Jefferson Declaration Committee, responded with the below information and reasoning.  — Admin Liz Bowen

From Mark Baird:
It has been stated recently, “There is rarely a simple answer when it comes to questions about the State of Jefferson”.

The people of the North State find the answer to be very simple. We do not have enough representation to do the simplest things either to improve our lives, our economy, or our Liberty. We have a plan to change that with a U.S. Constitution Article 4, Section 3 State split.

This lack of representation is simple mathematics. It does not matter what party you belong to, nor does it matter what issues are near and dear to you, unless it is those which are brought forward by the large urban centers to the south. Lack of representation is a fact of life for the people of rural Northern California. We are irrelevant in our state’s politics The rural counties of Northern California have 6 state level representatives, while Los Angeles County alone has 35. The Counties which make up approximately one third of the geography of California have 6 state level representatives, and the lower two thirds of California has 114 state representatives.

Simply put, the northern third of California has no relevance in state politics. We are taxed, but have no say over how the money is spent. Taxes are passed by urban legislators, whose constituents do not pay the taxes. What a wonderful mechanism to gather money when there is no possibility of political fallout from the people who voted for you. Some one else shoulders the burden, someone with no voice in the outcome. Taxation without representation, sound familiar?

There are many, many examples of this taxation without representation. CARB comes immediately to mind. CARB is based upon air quality in Los Angeles. Some of our Northern Counties have the cleanest air in the world yet we are forced into a one size fits all taxation scheme.

The SRA fire tax. Imposed upon us by urban legislators whose constituents by and large do not pay the tax.

Cap and Trade is another program which does nothing for the electorate except to make their lives more difficult and more expensive. Our electric bills now have a “Carbon Pollution Tax”, which is approximately ten per cent.

The Chicken Law has raised the price of eggs by around two dollars per dozen. These taxes have a terrible impact upon people with fixed or moderate incomes.

Although oil prices are down temporarily, gasoline taxes in California have gone up around 17 cents per gallon, with more to come.

In Oregon the price of gas, is less than $2 per gallon and in California it is considerably higher. California already has the highest fuel taxes in the nation.

Does poor air quality begin and end at the Oregon Border, or the Arizona border?

The pilot program to charge people for each mile they drive is underway. Who will that impact the most? People with easy access to public transportation or rural populations who must drive longer distances?

California businesses are fleeing this state and taking the jobs with them. We have the highest poverty rate in the nation. Are the Urban social engineering policies of the last 50 years working? Should we keep on doing the same old thing for another 50 years until we are all in poverty?

Productive people are fleeing this state at an alarming rate. We are being impoverished by politicians who have no idea what it takes to live our lives. Worse, Urban politicians have probably never been to your County to see what impact their agenda has upon you and your family.

 Adequate representation is the answer. Adequate representation is the only answer.

Our problem is that a series of Supreme Court cases in the 1960s have deprived California Counties and communities of their voice in the State Legislature.

The Warren Court created what the dissenting Justice correctly predicted as, “ a purely city point of view”. 

California, up until 1964 enjoyed a State Senate which was largely composed upon County lines. We had 40 senators, ( this number was fixed in 1872), which were divided so that each County had representation. The most sparsely populated counties had to share, but the rules were no more than three counties which had to be contiguous to each other.

After the Warren Court, our Senate became a rubber stamp for the Assembly, and as the decades passed, rural counties were increasingly forced to dilute representation while it grew in the larger cities.

We have a situation in Jefferson where one State Senator is shared by 11 counties. California has the worst representative ratio, of any state, in the country by a factor of 300 percent.

 So what is the better idea? Does anyone have a better idea? Is there a way to make our voices heard and have the political power at the state level to make the lives of our children better?

My children are already gone. There are no jobs here for them. How about the rest of you? Are you ok with the way Sacramento , Los Angeles, and San Francisco do business on your behalf?

Are you ok with the highest taxes in the nation and more to come?

Are you happy with the one size fits all legislation that is forced upon us from 500 miles away by people who have no empathy for your lives?

I, for one, am not ok with this. The People are not ok with this. We of the Jefferson Declaration Communities have a plan to do something about it.

Article 4, Section 3, of the United States Constitution and Article 2 of the California Constitution give us the legal ability, to form a State which represents the needs of the people of Northern California. Six Counties have seen merit in our plan. We have three more counties voting on the issue soon. The Jefferson committees have presentations scheduled in many more Counties. The Jefferson Committees are active in 20 Counties in total.

This is not a movement of the government and for government. As we very carefully detailed to the Sutter Board, this is a movement of the people.

We have no sponsors.

We are not of one political party or of any political party.



The Declaration buys your county a seat at the table when representation is challenged in this state.

Visit to learn more about the process.

 If anyone from the media or from government has a better idea, to restore representation to rural Counties of Northern California, please, lets not keep it a secret. We have asked that question of every single governmental body and every single politician the committees have spoken to. The silence is deafening! The Jefferson Declaration is the only plan which will correct this situation.

Your liberty was a gift to you. You did not pay for it. It was purchased with the lives, treasure and sacred honor of your fathers and fore fathers.

The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance. We have not been vigilant, and we are paying the price for that lack of involvement right now. It is time for the people to get involved in the people’s business.

What will you do, to secure Liberty for your children and Grandchildren?

The Tine Has Come For 51
Mark Baird

TheAppeal-Democrat article is below:

Supervisors voice concerns about Jefferson


There’s rarely a simple answer when it comes to questions about the State of Jefferson.

Last year, supervisors in Sutter and Yuba counties passed resolutions supporting the idea in concept. But, now, based on conversations with leaders on both sides, those resolutions don’t necessarily indicate an endorsement of the movement.

The Jefferson State Movement involves a number of residents of Northern California counties who want to pull out of California and form a 51st state — Jefferson — the government of which they feel would more closely represent their values and needs. Numerous supervisors expressed doubts that the State of Jefferson can be successful, but others said even if the idea fails, it can still make a difference.

State of Jefferson supporters recently presented Yuba County’s declaration to state officials at the capitol, though Yuba County supervisors were not present. And Sutter County could be next — with organizers of the movement mentioning they would be back in coming weeks, though no Sutter County supervisor has indicated they will attend the event.

The proposal to separate a yet-undefined conglomerate of Northern California counties from the state has staunch supporters and critics alike.

It’s an idea borne of a frustration of lack of representation, a feeling the needs of rural counties are outweighed, and misunderstood, by the urban titans, with flocks of legislators in tow, in the south and Bay Area.

Most supervisors separated the concept of the idea from the reality of it ever occurring. One recurrent theme was the notion that it’s a sound idea in theory, but the obstacles to its ever coming to fruition make dedicating any county time to the issue impractical.

The State of Jefferson requires approval of state and federal legislators.

“Personally, I don’t think the State of Jefferson is going anywhere. It’s an exercise in futility,” said Ron Sullenger, chairman of the Sutter County Board of Supervisors. “As far as I’m concerned, we have more important issues to worry about than the State of Jefferson.”

Sutter County supervisors Larry Munger and Jim Whiteaker both stressed the ultimate decision of whether to include Sutter County in a new state would be up to the voters.

“I’d like it to come to a vote so we’re not spending a lot of staff time on something that’s never going to happen,” Munger said.

Whiteaker said he supported the idea in principle but is still waiting to hear more details about how the new state will function.

“That’s one of the things that needs to happen,” Whiteaker said. “We ought to know where the funding will come from to support schools and law enforcement and other government programs that are currently funded through the state.”

Munger said State of Jefferson supporters need to be wary if they indicate Sutter County fully supports breaking away from California.

“I’d like to let them know that we have not voted to do it,” Munger said. “We like the concept, but it will have to go to the people first.”

In Yuba County, Supervisor John Nicoletti said while he respects the community organization formed around the State of Jefferson, the idea has little fiscal or political support.

“There’s no funding to strengthen their position; we have no idea how they define the new state and its values. We haven’t heard anyone from the congressional level that has any interest in scooting over for two more senators in the West,” Nicoletti said. “Nobody is taking them all that seriously, because no one thinks they can stay in the game.”

Nicoletti also said the county will not be dedicating resources to the proposal.

“If you write up this declaration that it’s a pain to deal with the state at times, we’ll agree, but that does not imply that we’ll dedicate a portion of our budget or staff time toward achieving their mission,” Nicoletti said.

But Nicoletti said he does hope the Legislature takes notice of the State of Jefferson movement and Northern California’s dissatisfaction with its voice in state government, an idea new Yuba County Supervisor Randy Fletcher also put forward.

“Even if the State of Jefferson is not successful, maybe Northern California can make an impact or gain more say,” Fletcher said. “It can be a failure and still be a success.”

Fletcher said the State of Jefferson was emblematic of larger issues, including how government responds to the wishes of the public and how much the public gets involved with local issues.

“There are internal mechanisms we need to focus on regardless of the State of Jefferson,” Fletcher said. “We can’t just vote to create a new state and say our problems are over.”

CONTACT reporter Andrew Creasey at 749-4780 and on Twitter @AD_Creasey.

Bio on the “reporter” who wrote the hit piece on the State of Jefferson in the Press Democrat:

My main area of expertise is in writing. I was a freelance writer for the school paper, the Daily Emerald and I worked as an intern for the on-line magazine, Oregon Music News, previewing and reviewing local music. Additionally, I am a writer and associate editor for the award-winning campus magazine Ethos. I am a writer for On Demand Studios producing technical articles on a variety of topics for sites such as I have also worked as a freelance writer producing two business-related articles for the Eugene Chamber of Commerce Open For Business magazine. I have also completed an internship at the University of Oregon Law School magazine, where I wrote short and long-form articles, as well as managed a blog for the summer travels of law students.
In my experience as a writer and reporter, I worked both in groups and independently. I communicated with editors and worked with them to revise my work and produce the strongest story possible. In the field, I coordinated with photographers and media liaisons to cover large events, such as coverage of the Northwest World Reggae Festival and Warped Tour for Oregon Music News. At various times, I researched and covered topics that include environmental issues, business topics, medicine and special interests.
I have experience working with stills, video and sound in Final Cut Pro. I have extensive photograph editing skills in Photoshop and Camera Raw, and I have provided images from concerts for articles published on Oregon Music News. I have a basic understanding of HTML and website design and have extensive experience working with blog sites such as WordPress and Tumblr. I understand how to write headlines and create tags web content to Additionally, I am familiar with using Twitter and Facebook to research angles for stories and contact potential sources.

Jefferson supporters are needed !!!

Jefferson supporters are needed !!!

Mark Baird, spokesman for the Jefferson Declaration project, invites all supporters to attend meetings this month as a show of strength. February is filled with lots of meetings, please attend one, two or all — if possible.

Feb. 10, 2015 – Mark Baird is giving a presentation to the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Time is 2:30 p.m. at the Lassen County Fairgrounds in Susanville — Jensen Hall.

Feb. 10, 2015 – Steve Baird is giving a presentation to the Colusa County Board of Supervisors at 9 a.m. at the Board Chambers, 546 Jay Street Suite 108, Colusa, CA

Feb. 17, 2015 – Lake County Board of Supervisors will discuss and likely take a vote on supporting the Declaration to withdraw from the State of California. Time is 9 a.m. at the Board Chambers on 255 North Forbes Street, Lakeport, CA.

Feb. 18, 2015 – Williams City Council will hear a presentation on the how and why to withdraw from the State of California. Time is 5 p.m. at the Williams City Council meeting room.

Feb. 22, 2015 – Shasta County Jefferson Committee is holding a Town Hall at the Senior’s Center next to the Elks Hall in Redding, CA. Time is 2 p.m.

Feb. 24, 2015 – Trinity County Board of Supervisors agenda item. Time is to be announced later. Weaverville, CA.

Feb. 28, 2015 – El Dorado Town Hall at 3 p.m. Place is TBA later.


Plumas County: Presentation to Board of Supervisors 1-20-15

The Plumas County Courthouse meeting room for the Board of Supervisors overflowed with supporters of the State of Jefferson on Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015 as Jefferson Spokesperson Mark Baird presented the facts, issues and reasons for creating the State of Jefferson to the Plumas Supervisors. After lengthy discussion, no vote was taken. The Supervisors asked for more information, which will be hand-delivered to them ASAP.

Mark said the support from the community was over-whelming as the stately courthouse, in Quincy, was filled with Jefferson folks.



Presentations to Plumas and Colusa County Boards of Supervisors on 1-20-2015

Jan. 20, 2015

Mark Baird, with support from the Plumas County Jefferson Committee, will offer a presentation to the Plumas County Board of Supervisors right after the lunch break!

Why and how to withdraw from the State of California!


520 Main St. # 309


Supporters of Jefferson, please attend!


Are you happy with California?

Question Mark #2?

Are you happy with California?

Additional info on creating the State of Jefferson can be found at:


Please copy and paste the above in the body of an email and send to as many friends as possible to help get out message out. You can also include the two websites for more info. Thanks  – Admin Liz Bowen


Declaration Day at California Capitol 1-15-15

Rally at California Capitol West steps

Thursday, January 15, 2015

11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Jefferson supporters are invited to participate

Declarations from three counties:

Glenn Co. Board of Supervisors

Yuba Co. Board of Supervisors

Tehama Ca. Board of Supervisors

The Declarations

will be submitted to California

Secretary of State

Assembly and Senate

by Mark Baird and leaders of the Jefferson Declaration project



Redding Record Searchlight

Jan. 10, 2015


The State of Jefferson is the return to the ideals which not only changed the world forever, but the ideals that built and made this country the envy of the world. Marcus Cicero said, some laws are not written except in the hearts of men. John Locke called these laws, the natural laws, given us by God. The inalienable rights. The right to life, liberty, and property. Samuel Adams added to those “the right to defend them in the best way possible.”

In other words, liberty. Without liberty, the money does not matter, because Sacramento will not let you keep any of the money. Without liberty, property does not matter. What liberty have you, when the government tells you what you may or may not do with the property you supposedly own, or worse can take the property from you? Did you know the state Franchise Tax Board can go into your bank account and take money on behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicles if you forget to register your car?

Are we, the counties of Jefferson in a position to change any of this, when the County of Los Angeles outnumbers the northern third of California counties by a factor of 10 to 1 in representation?

Liberty! With the liberty that Jefferson would give its citizens, many, many things are possible. Without Jefferson, we already know the outcome. Patrick Henry said, “ I have only the lamp of experience to guide my feet. I cannot judge the future except by the past”.

California is a debt laden, failed socialist state doomed to failure for itself, and its people.

Shall we continue on the road to ruin for another 50 years and hope for better? Or … has the time come for 51? It is time for the people of Jefferson to stand up. We need help to succeed.

Liberty was a gift, to us. Paid for with the lives, treasure and sacred honor of our fathers. We must secure liberty for our children. Failure should not be an option, for it is our children and grandchildren who will inherit this failure from us.

By Mark Baird

Plumas County: Jefferson Delcaration presentation to Board of Supervisors 1-20-2015

Please share this with anyone you know from Plumas county!

MARK your calendars!


Mark Baird will be presenting the State of Jefferson Declaration before YOUR Board of Supervisors on January 20th after the lunchtime break.

PLEASE  BE THERE to show your support for the State of Jefferson!

Place to be announced ASAP -

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