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Jefferson - California Rural counties for equal representation

Brown Administration Opposes Federal Drought Legislation

California Natural Resources Agency  ( FISH AND WILDLIFE, previously known as CA Fish and Game Dept. )

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Brown Administration Opposes Federal Drought Legislation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Writing on behalf of the State of California, California Natural Resources Agency Secretary John Laird today issued a formal opposition letter to HR5781. The text of the letter is pasted below:

“In the last twelve months, the Brown Administration has dealt with the most extreme three-year drought of modern times, while trying to implement a long-term, broad-based strategy to better protect California from future water shortages. We have done both with a recognition that the public interest is best-served by developing strategies that enjoy broad support across California and to fairly balance the needs of a diverse state with many different stakeholders and regional concerns.

As a result of the drought state of emergency declared by the Governor on January 17, 2014, California state agencies have worked very closely with their federal counterparts and impacted stakeholders to provide critically needed water supplies while protecting our water quality, imperiled species, and fragile ecosystems — all are suffering from these unprecedented drought conditions. With a possible fourth year of drought, these same state and federal agencies are working to prepare a 2015 Drought Operations Plan, and expect to complete it early next month.

Building on the experience of last year, these agencies are actively exploring alternative approaches to water project operations that hopefully will better optimize both water supplies and species protections under extreme conditions. Work in developing this plan continues. But, one thing is certain: managing an extreme drought is best done in real-time here in California, by agencies with on the ground experience and expertise, in close collaboration with affected stakeholders.

This is the only way to rapidly and equitably balance all of the competing needs such as regulated and unregulated stream flow, locations of critical fish populations, upstream storage needs for temperature control and conservation purposes, salinity conditions as influenced by tidal cycles and barometric conditions, and others.

In January, the Administration also adopted the California Water Action Plan, a comprehensive plan for future water management, including storage, conservation, recycling, water transfers and other actions that will better enable the state to provide for the next generation of Californians. Many elements in the Water Action Plan were included in Proposition 1 – the water bond – that was approved by over two-thirds of California voters just weeks ago.

Coming off a year where more progress has been made on water policy in California than any time in recent years – with broad support evident in the electorate for this strategy – this is no time to reignite water wars, move water policy back into the courts, and try to pit one part of the state against another. For this reason, the administration opposes HR5781.

Our collective energies should be devoted to a long-term solution for California’s water needs in a way that rewards working together as opposed to dividing interests, just as the successful campaign for the water bond recently did. We stand ready to work with the supporters and opponents of HR5781 to that end.”


CalPERS says retirees will soon outnumber public employees

Comment: A recipient of CalPERS can live anywhere in the world and receive his or her retirment from CalPERS — that is if it is still in existence and the State of California is now bankrupt. Check out the California Debt Clock, California is now over $424 BILLION in debt!!!  Time for the 51st State of Jefferson. – Admin Liz Bowen


CalPERS says retirees will soon outnumber public employees

We know that CalPERS now has an unfunded liability of $754 billion. Also known is that CalPERS, to keep the door open and checks flowing, is in the process of raising the mandated contributions by 50%. Since most government agencies are already in deficit and beg for higher taxes and fees, the only way to pay for the government program is to cut cops, parks, libraries and other basic government services. Even higher sales tax rates will not solve the biggest problem—too many receivers of checks and not enough paying into the system.

“The ratio of employees paying into CalPERS to retirees taking money out fell 25 percent in the last decade, according to a recent report to the fund’s board. It is a trend that id expected to continue, according to CalPERS analysts.

Workers used to outnumber retirees 2-1. It is now about 1.5-1, and is expected to flip in the near future. Eventually retirees will outnumber active workers by a ratio of nearly 2 to 1 in some CalPERS retirement plans.

The report also states that “employers are exposed to a considerable amount of contribution rate volatility and a risk of further changes in funded status. Contribution rates are expected to remain high for an extended period unless there is a period of exceptional returns in the markets.”

CalPERS is collapsing and cities that could save themselves, Vallejo, San Bernardino and Stockton refuse to do so. The California Depression is about to get really bad.

READ the article:

Feds Loan Sacramento $9 Million to Have City be Land Speculator—Loan Repayment WAIVED

California Political Review

Feds Loan Sacramento $9 Million to Have City be Land Speculator—Loan Repayment WAIVED

Crony capitalism lives in California. Corruption by government is a way of life. Years ago the City of Sacramento borrowed $9 million from the Feds—to become land speculators. They did make it work. Instead of repaying the $9 million belonging to the people of Buffalo, Detroit and Mobile—the Feds agreed to waive repayment! It became a gift to the government of Sacramento—a gift that was forced on the people of the United States.

Why was a city government allowed to become a land speculator in the first place? Why wasn’t the Army Depot sold to private interests and get it back on the property tax rolls? This is why government is not respected or trusted—wonder which unions and special interest won? We already know the nations’ taxpayers and freedom were the losers.

“Dangberg said the city acquired the property in 1994, using a federal loan to buy it from the federal government after the base realignment process shuttered the depot in the early 1990s.

After Dick Fischer and his company, U.S. National, leased the property and turned it into a new business center, the federal government eventually forgave the loan, Dangberg said. Since then, U.S. National has had a purchase option but chose to keep extending the lease instead, he said.”

Lake County: Successful presentation to Board of Supervisors on 12-2-14

Message from Terry and Sally Rapoza:

A cold, dark rainy morning that begins at 2:30 am usually does not portend well for having a good day, but that is exactly what happened on Tuesday Dec. 2 at the Board of Supervisors in Lake County! Mark Baird who lives in Scott Valley (near Etna if you know where that is!) rose from his warm, secure bed and hit the road at 3 am to be in Redding by 6 am, where he became a passenger the rest of the way to the Lakeport Board meeting at 9am.

The 3 of us didn’t really hold much hope for the outcome of this presentation. In fact, Mark said he had great difficulty “stinging two thoughts together” when it was his turn to present The State of Jefferson. He knew one of the Supervisors, Rob Brown from having sold him some buffalo several years ago, but we had no idea where anyone on the Board was leaning.

After a 30 minute presentation, several questions were asked and then the Chairwoman opened it up for public comment. Wham-right out of the shoot a prior member of the Democratic committee expressed how this was the one of the stupidest ideas she had ever heard of. She listed all of the “problems that a smaller, poorer state would have, and then she went on about how good we have it in California, and about how now, it is just going to get better!

After her 3 minutes, 5 local citizens who supported Jefferson came forward, and blew all of her objections out of the water! Including a businessesman who said he was taking his business and the 500 jobs it provides and moving it to Oregon. Wham!

Then the Board had questions about the finances. Providentially, Steve Baird (our secret weapon) was in attendance! He was brought up before the board and was able to enlighten them as to how their county would look under the State of Jefferson Financial Model-holy smokes batman-there’s money left over!

Finally, each member of the Board, had their say. Rob Brown, was adamant about the onerous mandates and regulations imposed upon their county, using the example of having to get rid of perfectly good buses and garbage trucks due to the CARB regulations. He was a YES.

Then Jim Comstock echoed Mr. Brown and said the if we had the Declaration with us he would have signed it that day! Jeff Smith agreed, and asked when could we come back-the next meeting before the end of the year? Anthony Farrington, the most reserved of the 5 wanted to study the financial model a bit more, and agreed to contact Steve Baird for additional information. Chairwomen Denise Rushing said she had some concerns about the transition period and what may be unintended consequences, but she wished us luck with our endeavor.

We were blown away! We left the Chambers, kind of in a daze-what just happened? We were invited back possibley on Dec. 16th if they can get Mark on the agenda!
What started out as a dark day, suddenly had become one of the best days! We talked about it all the way home, and I wanted to share the experience with all of you who couldn’t be there. Thank you all-you’re prayers were heard!

Placer County supporters meet in Lincoln on Dec. 4, 2014

We need volunteers to collect signatures for the State of Jefferson.

We have tables and chairs and will look for locations to set them up next week.

We need people willing to help organize and to work at the tables.

Please pass this message on. Thank you

California is second only to New York for the highest tax rate in the country. The upper third of California has virtually no Representation for that tax money. Los Angeles county alone has 22 Representatives, compared with only 8 for all of the upper third of the State.

The closer you look at Jefferson the better it looks. Come to the meeting and get the details. Jefferson will look even better

Come to the State of Jefferson meting Dec 4th.

Lincoln Christian Life Center 6:30 PM 1200 Hwy 193 Lincoln, Ca. 95648

From Dan

Question Mark #9

Question Mark #9

Sacramento won’t let us go because of the water. What say you?

Comment: Remember that much of the water throughout the state is already under a state, federal, municipality or private contract. Court adjudications will not be interrupted by the creation of a new state.